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UR-LA4-2621 Subaru XV (GP) 12-17 (4WD) - Front lower (4 Points)

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UR-LA4-2621 Subaru XV (GP) 12-17 (4WD) - Front lower (4 Points)

Product Description

Ultra Racing UR-LA4-2621 Lower Arm Bar simple structure connecting the lower arm mount at lower mounting points (2points, 4 points, 6points or 8 points) of car chassis.

The UR-LA4-2621 Lower Arm Bar is designed to reduce the flex of the vehicle chassis where it is connected by the Lower wishbone of the suspension system, thus to lessen the distortion of the vehicle lower suspension when it is under load, especially during hard cornering.

It also good for reducing the alignment flexing and improve the chassis rigidity.


Product Features

  • Gives superior performance to your Car Handling & Stability.
  • Improves dynamic safety, ultimate road holding and sensational driving experience.
  • Used in many different motorsport classes over the world including Drifting, Time Attack and Circuit Racing.
  • Malaysian-based specialist manufacturer in Chassis Handling.
  • Made of Solid Steel which is stronger than Aluminum.
  • Direct Fit - No Modifications Needed.
  • Multi-award Winning chassis strengthening components manufacturer.
  • Lifetime Warranty.


Product Specifications

 Manufacturer Country


 Manufacturer Part Number  






 Multi-point Installation

 4 Points

 Strut Bar Position

 Front Lower

 Package Quantity



* Why we use Steel instead of Aluminum?
First, steel is stronger than aluminum for the same size and thickness. In order for aluminum alloys to be at least the same strength as steel, it has to be at least double the thickness (steel 4mm = aluminum 8mm). When that happens, weight saving is not so apparent anymore. Of course there are also exotic materials and alloys that can match the strengths of steel, but the cost are astronomically high and therefore not very cost effective to bring into mass production.




Part of the shock of impact transfer to the chassis, causing wheel house and lower arm deforming. The weight transfer and force gathering on one side, causing unstable handling and increasing body roll


Equip with the Ultra Racing's strut bar and lower arm bar, both side shock of impact will be neutralized. The force will spread out by Ultra Racing's strut bar and lower arm bar, stabilize the car and provide solid handling.


Ultra Racing products are a must if you are looking to improve the handling and safety of your car whether it's for road or track use!




Beware of Imitations:

Due to the success of Ultra Racing products, unavoidably there are imitations floating in the market. There are more than 10 such companies in the market imitating Ultra Racing bars, namely,Utx, CTecx, 3Mxx, Advxx, Susxx, D2xx etc. These imitators besides using similar name or logo, had even copied Ultra Racing designs and color – white!

Some of these unscrupulous merchants even copied Ultra Racing's product images from the website and pasted these images onto their own advertisement and webpage. Some have told their customers that their bad quality imitations are manufactured by Ultra Racing, mainly to deceive and thus gain the confidence of their customers. After all, their intention is to maximize profit from their bad quality and high risk products.

As such, we would like to inform the public that Ultra Racing has never OEM for any company in the country.

As an established company in chassis strengthening technology, Ultra Racing would not compromise safety in return for better profit, and as such consumers can rest assured that the products are of the highest of quality and will bring out the full performance, quality and reliability that you have paid for.

Comparison between genuine UR and Imitations

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